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The INVICTUS event agency is responsible for selecting the services and locations best suited to your needs and your budget thanks to a real partnership with the networks of hoteliers and restaurateurs. The success of your event will be guaranteed thanks to our technical service providers (sound, lighting, video projection, simultaneous translation, scenography, decoration).

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Support local communities in the Caribbean with our partner Tucaya

Located on the southern Caribbean coast on the border with Panama, Ditsöwö Ú is a project born from the imagination of one of the leaders of the Bribri community, who dreamed of creating a cultural meeting place that would welcome people from all over the world. , strengthen indigenous traditions, support local communities while practicing sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. Ditsöwö Ú brings it all together and will offer you an authentic and unforgettable experience in a peaceful environment.

Services :
The lodge has 3 sleeping areas that can accommodate up to 70 people. All beds are similar and include a mattress with sheets and pillow, as well as a mosquito net, and a shower towel. The lodge has 2 basic shared bathrooms, with toilet and shower (water at room temperature). All the activities offered aim to introduce people to the environment, the way of life and the ancestral traditions of the Bribri.

Social and eco-responsible actions in Myanmar with our partner Inspiration Myanmar

The Green & Clean project :
Help empower the villagers of Myanmar by helping to plant one mango tree per house. The participants will give a trash can for each house (100 L for recyclable objects).

The water tank project :
The Bagan region is a dry area. Many villages in Bagan depend on rainwater for drinking water. Every year during the dry season, these villages have a lack of water. Bagan volunteer teams distribute water every summer. For poor villages without a water tank, they have to put water in a temporary plastic tank. A good concrete water tank would therefore be very useful.

The drinking water project :
The Bagan region is a dry area. Many villages in Bagan depend on rainwater for potable water. These villages have a lack of water every year during the dry season. Bagan volunteer teams distribute water every summer. They have to boil the distributed water to get drinking water. The water purifier project can significantly improve the lives of the villagers.

Eco-responsible travel in Quebec with our partner Think incentive

For an eco-responsible stay, we will favor first-class hotels in terms of respect for the environment.

We use an official list of “green” restaurants in Montreal and Quebec, based on predominantly environmental criteria, but also based on social, economic and cultural aspects.

During the stay, a local meeting with eco-responsible companies and participation in a project for the local community of Montreal will be organized.

Spend a few nights at one of the leaders in eco-responsible tourism in Quebec, the Auberge le Baluchon Éco-villégiature, in the Mauricie region. Through its many actions (saving energy, reforestation, etc.), this hostel has created a place of healing and reconnection with nature.